Since 1973 Pallet Recyclers has continued to manufacture quality pallets to order, high quality restorations and efficient repairs for nationwide logistics companies.


What we do

  • Customised pallet designs, measurements and load bearing limits for a wide variety of client logistic needs

  • Use of industry standard sustainable sourced timber in manufacturing processes

  • Collection of reclaimed timber for recycling, reuse in new pallets and repairs of existing pallets.

  • Treatment of pallets to protect against degradation, prevention of fungus and resistance to rot

  • Signage services to personalise pallet orders to meet client needs


Our company vision

To provide sustainable and ethically pallet manufacturing repair and restoration to clients for their logistic needs.

Provide exceptional customer service that clients can trust from a family owned and operated business with decades of experience in the industry

What We Have Achieved

  • A well established third generation family business that has almost four decades of experience in the logistics field

  • Signed partnerships with large national corporations in supporting logistical supply chains

  • Leading sustainable approaches to manufacturing pallets through environmentally friendly sourced timer

  • Production of custom signed pallets meeting the specific needs of our clients

  • Efficient pallet recovery services in the Sydney Metropolitan network